L.E.S. Bands 13: From the Park to the Streets in 2022!

In the wake of the East River Park and its Amphitheater undergoing renovations, LES Creative People In Action (LESCPIA) took L.E.S. Bands to the historic Henry Street on September 24, 2022. Surrounded by legendary institutions St. Augustine’s church and the Henry Street Settlement it became a flashback to the 70s when many at the show witnessed the original music celebrations by the talents of that time.

L.E.S. Bands 13 featured three bands Lady Cantrese, a jazz ensemble; Soundboy, bringing us Latin Hip Hop, and a return of Leon and the Peoples, an R&B/raggae/funk group fronted by actor Leon Robinson (“The Temptations” “Five Heartbeats”). Also were rappers Meta Mike and B Fortune. In addition LESCPIA music supervisor Robbie Mitchell and Norris Barrino presented a musical tribute to their friend and Chazz member, the late Hector Rivera, who passed away in the previous year after a long illness. Norris sang to their rendition of “Court of Love,” with Hector’s outstanding baritone opening the song. Darcel even added her own tribute to Hector with a touch of his favorite closing choreography as they did at the end of their 70s Soul Jam performances.

Compared to the vast space and large size of the Amphitheater stage, Henry St. gave L.E.S. Bands 13: Lower East Side Showtime a cozy intimacy for the crowd in the narrow street surrounded by landmarks and a great view of the new World Trade Center building in the background behind the portable stage. Neighborhood residents brought their chairs and as Summer tradition on Henry St., along P.S. 134, lined up the fence with grilling and feasting for all the families to enjoy.