Community Support - Past and Present


Endorsements of the “L.E.S. BANDS” Showcase:

New York City Councilmembers from District 1 and District 2 continue to support this cultural event with discretionary funding. “Among the many things to love about our Lower East Side community, there’s always been fantastic music and arts,” said District 1 Council Member Margaret Chin. “That’s why I’m so proud to once again support the ‘Reunion of the L.E.S. Bands,’ and also excited to attend these great performances. With all the homegrown talent on display at our beautiful East River Park Bandshell, this concert truly shows off some of the best sights and sounds our community has to offer.

“… ‘Reunion of the L.E.S. Bands’ has been put on as a free concert for the community. It was founded by long-time residents in the community,” said former State Senator Daniel Squadron, who supported the group from the start, and attended the show in 2011. “The opportunity for Lower East Siders to enjoy the talent of Lower East Siders as the summer comes to an end is the type of event that makes the Lower East Side a community.

LESCPIA 2018 Citation for Tenth Anniversary Award from New York City Council

LESCPIA 2012 Commendation from City of New York, Awarded by Office of the Comptroller for “Distinguished leadership, dedicated service, and commitment to excellence and tremendous contributions to the City of New York.”

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