Music Post: Honoring a Trailblazer

IN TRIBUTE  Little Richard 1932-2020:

Born Richard Penniman in Macon, Georgia he is one of THE architects of Rock n’ Roll music.  If I could create a Mount Rushmore of Rock and Roll titans the four would be this legend along with Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Jimi Hendrix.  Little Richard was a walking teacher handing out nuggets of wisdom to James Brown – to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  He was a good-looking man who was in complete control of his image and style wise, influenced many superstars from Elvis to Elton John to Prince.  Not short on telling it like it is, he made no hesitation to ‘call out’ the industry on the blatant financial injustices dealt to early African-American recording artists versus the generous efforts to give white artists their due during the same period.  In later years Richard wasted no time being spontaneous looking right in a TV camera asking, “Where’s My Money?” whether being a guest on a talk show or being a presenter at an awards show.  Trailblazing hits like “Tutti Fruitti,” “Lucille,” and “Long, Tall Sally” were undeniably signature classics with pouncing piano work and a high-pitched, yet gritty vocal delivery.  Wherever Little Richard went, his warm, yet hot, energy was sure to follow.   He was a joy to watch, amazing musician and showman.  May he rest in peace.