Who’s Doing What From the L.E.S.

If you know George Escalante, originally from Rutgers Houses and formerly a counselor for Lower East Side youth, is now a social worker specializing in innovative re-entry programs helping those released from correctional facilities. However, feeding his passion for Hip Hop, he also is a podcast producer and co-host of a live show called “Sound Minds.” Airing live on Sundays at 7:00pm, he (known as “Liteskin”), along with a few co-hosts discuss topics rooted in hip hop and its many cultural elements. It is refreshing to hear these young men intelligently take their culture to heart as relates to their generation. Their second season ends at end of this month, but the shows are posted on You Tube after the live podcasts which can be viewed on their website or check out the last couple of live episodes on Instagram at realliteskin123.